Saturday, June 9, 2012

farmer's market

We're serious about farmer's markets where I live. Produce is organic, pastries can be superb, and there's always some live music. A good place to learn to appreciate country music. Here's some of the stuff from this morning.

Snap peas, shiitake, and lion's mane mushrooms. I've never had lion's mane. I understand it's pretty bland, but I just couldn't resist the way it looked. Here's a closeup.

The greens, of course, need endless washing. The lettuce came with a friend, in addition to lots and lots of mud. Aaah, nature.

But the real find of the day, one that brought tears to my eyes, were the strawberries.

They are small. They are not pale orange or pink. They do not have a woody center. They smell like strawberries. They are sweet. The best I've had in decades. Will celebrate.

I also got spinach, garlic scapes, and chard. Unfortunately, Madison Sourdough was already out of gateau Basque with lemon filling. So sad. I have to admit that's a major factor in getting me off my butt Saturday mornings for the farmer's market. Next week, I'll get there in time.


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    Thanks and God bless ! 0:)

  2. the lion's mane looks SOO COOL

  3. oooh, i have not seen lion's mane before nor tasted it. is it a vegetable?