Wednesday, May 25, 2011

kabak kalye

You're craving greens but a cold salad just won't cut it.  Your body wants spinach but your soul wants comfort food.  Something hearty and filling, but healthy at the same time. Sound familiar? I've got the answer for you. This dish combines basically zucchini and ground beef, and I throw in a huge amount of spinach too for good measure.   My in-laws were in town, so I made enough to feed four hungry people, or four not-so-hungry people twice.  Adjust the measurements as needed for your own hungry or not-so-hungry people.

1 onion (I used red - smells so good when you sautee it), diced and sauteed
3 zucchinis, cut into substantial chunks
500 g spinach (I just buy a huge bag of the prewashed leaves)
700 g ground beef
salt, black pepper, dill, and turkish red pepper to taste
2 maggi cubes (or whatever veggie bullion you like best)

I usually brown the meat first, chopping the veggies while the beef does its thing.  That way too I can get rid of the excess fat once it's rendered.  In a big pot, sautee onions, then add zucchini and seasoning.

Add the spinach. I never cease to be amazed at how much spinach shrinks.

Add the beef to the veggies. And then put a bit of boiling water in there with the boullion, so there's a bit of juicy broth in the pot too. Not quite a soup or a stew, but generous amounts of liquid nonetheless.

Let it simmer til the zucchini's tender. And for best results, serve over brown rice, top with plain yogurt and an extra sprinkling of turkish red pepper.

Monday, May 23, 2011

quickie lunch

Sometimes you want to spend hours in the kitchen, experimenting and creating delicious new dishes, and sometimes, you just want to eat.  But I'm trying, in the spirit of finding balance in my life, to make something beautiful and fresh and healthy even on those 'just feed me now' days. 

Quick but insanely delicious and satisfying lunch between rehearsals last week: fresh whole wheat bun from the local market, avocado spread on both halves, a bed of fresh spinach, sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, a few basil leaves, and two eggs over easy on top.  It was messy to eat, but wow was it worth it.

Accompanied by a strawberry-banana smoothie made with milk and mandarin juice.